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It is more crucial than ever that American teens develop the skills to speak powerfully and persuasively in front of an audience as well as learn to think critically, explore all sides of an issue, and formulate evidence-based points of view. Providing these opportunities at Kingwood High School is the mission of Friends of Kingwood Debate. Kingwood Debate is special--The program boasts the highest number of members from a single public school in the country to be named to the USA Debate National Team, with four KHS debaters earning positions on the world-renowned team in just the past two years. This summer, Kingwood Debaters won the NSDA National Championship in World Schools Debate. As an organization, we raise funds to offset the many expenses involved in providing students opportunities to compete at speech and debate tournaments in the state of Texas, nationally, and even internationally. We believe that the more opportunities students have to compete in tournaments that offer quality opponents, the better prepared they are to advance in higher education and apply their communication skills to everyday life. Kingwood Debate’s global recognition stems from the travel opportunities that have been afforded to us which are only possible through community support and fundraising. Students who are active in speech and debate throughout high school graduate with valuable skills in problem-solving, inferencing, supporting claims with evidence, speaking confidently, and advocating for justice and equality. These students develop their voice in our program, and we are so proud of the numerous ways in which they grow and develop, showcasing their school and personal pride.

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  • We have two amazing young ladies on Team USA!

    Team USA finishes 2nd and 4th at the WHO in Croatia:). Way to go Emily and Leila!!!

  • KHS Andy Dekaney TFA/TOC Wiin - 3rd place Sweepstakes - 12/15

    We placed over 10 plus individuals in finals with awards ranging from several 1st - 5th place wins!!! Check out this amazing team and all that they are doing!!!

  • KHS 3rd Place Sweepstakes - Andy Delaney TFA/TOC Tournament - Dec. 15th.

    We placed over 10 plus individuals in finals with awards ranging from several 1st - 5th place wins!!! Check out this amazing team and all that they are doing!!!

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  • Karlstrom Family donated "Proud to be an Alumni KADS member Class of 1990!"
  • Candi Rhodes Rhodes donated "Ashlee Rhodes is in Debate and I hope to see the program grow." - via EdCo Support Admin
  • National Champions '18-Emily & Leila - WSD.

  • Nationals 2018 3rd & 11th Speaker Awards

    Congrats close to 1000 students competed in World Schools Debate at Nationals-Individual speaker awards Darian 3rd overall and Emily 11th

  • The Woodlands High School - Interp Wins

  • Alief Taylor TOC - !st and 2nd Place World Schools

  • Kingwood H S has started online fundraising!

    Our team has officially started accepting credit card donations. We need awesome team members and donors like you to share this link and tell your community why you support Kingwood H S Speech and Debate!


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